lei code ( Number ) Search login, Registration Process, Verification, Certificate Download, Register

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Official Website for lei code ( Number ) Search login, Registration Process, Verification, Certificate Download, Register 2024 on legalentityidentifier.in .

lei code (Number) Search login, registration process, Verification, certificate Download, Register

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) serves as an important tool for ensuring transparency and trust. As businesses engage in cross-border transactions and regulatory requirements evolve, the need for accurate and standardised entity identification is also very important. This article delves into the details of the LEI system, guiding readers through the process of conducting an LEI code search, from login and registration to verification and certificate download. By understanding the significance of the LEI and navigating its application effectively, businesses can streamline operations, mitigate risks, and uphold integrity in the financial ecosystem. Read the compl

What Is an LEI Search ?

An LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) search reveals the information contained within a Legal Entity Identifier. It can be used to verify the validity of an LEI number and ensure that the information held about an entity is up to date.

When performing an LEI search, it is important to note that the identifier is a 20-character code, established according to the ISO 17442 standard. This standard ensures that each LEI code uniquely and clearly identifies any participating entities in financial transactions.

What does an LEI Search Reveal ?
Key Information Revealed by an LEI Search :
  • Ownership Structure: Establishes ‘who is who’ and ‘who owns whom.’
  • Global Directory Access: Provides access to a global directory of financial market participants.
  • Transparency: Enhances transparency in the global market.
  • Regular Verification: Ensures information is regularly verified based on protocols established by the LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee (LEI ROC).
LEI Issuers :
  • Global Scale: Numerous LEI issuers exist globally.
  • Accreditation: Issuers are accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).
  • Maintenance: Responsible for maintaining the identifiers and acting as main interfaces for the international directory.
Questions Answered by an LEI Search
  • Who is who?
  • Who owns whom?
  • Who owns what?
Data Levels in an LEI Search
  • Level 1 Data: Answers ‘who is who.’
  • Level 2 Data: Introduced in 2016 to answer ‘who owns whom,’ leading to the LEI search 2.0 tool.
Full Information Provided
  • Ownership Structure
  • LEI Issuer and Headquarters Address
  • LEI Issuance Date
  • Modified Data
  • Potential Renewal Date
  • Verification Status
Registering a Legal Entity Identifier :
Obtaining an LEI
  • Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) are not directly issued by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).
  • Responsibility for issuance is delegated to Local Operating Units (LOUs) or LEI registration agents like LEI Register.
  • Through an LEI issuer, access a variety of services.
Exploring Options
  • Prices for LEIs may vary, so it’s important to research the market for a solution that fits your needs and budget.
  • Turnaround time can vary from a few days to a few hours.
Maintaining Data Quality
  • GLEIF ensures high-quality LEI data and maintains system integrity effectively.
Accessing Information
  • After completing LEI registration and obtaining your LEI, you can conduct an LEI search.
  • Relevant information about your business will be immediately accessible once your LEI is purchased and verified.
Who May Need to Complete an LEI Search?

While anyone can conduct an LEI number search, certain parties are more likely to utilize this tool:

Companies with an LEI Code : They may want to verify the validity of their LEI code and update information as needed.

Businesses Involved in Financial Transactions

  • They may want to ensure the accuracy and validity of information before engaging in transactions.
  • Checking for potential fraud issues.

Key Members of the Financial Industry : They may want to verify the accuracy and validity of information provided by legal entity identifiers.

Pricing for receiving Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) in India :
Duration Price Price per Year Free LEI Certificate
1 year ₹3990 ₹3990 /year Included
3 years ₹10950 ₹3650 /year Included
5 years ₹16900 ₹3380 /year Included
Reasons for Completing an LEI Number Search :
Data Verification :
  • Ensure accuracy and validity of recorded data.
  • Gain peace of mind for involvement in financial transactions.
LEI Data Challenge :
  • Start with an LEI search to initiate the challenge.
  • Assess referential integrity, completeness, and accuracy of LEI records.
  • Address duplicate entries or delayed responses.
  • Any interested party can raise a challenge against an LEI data record.
  • Suggest new, more correct, current, or accurate data.
  • Challenge LEI record based on exclusivity or eligibility.
Accessibility and Updates :
  • Data is publicly available.
  • Updates provided daily.
Value Addition for Companies :
  • Utilize database for AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.
How to Use an LEI Code Search ?
Accessing the Search Tool
  • Access the LEI search tool available to everyone.
  • Use the company name or LEI number to initiate the search.
Displaying LEI Information
  • The search tool automatically displays accessible LEI information from the database.
  • Results can be filtered by country to streamline the search process.
Challenging Data
  • Anyone can challenge the available data for validity and accuracy.
  • Challenges can be initiated through the search system.
  • Options include a simple challenge or requesting validation and renewal of the LEI.
Action Based on Discrepancies
  • The action taken depends on the discrepancies revealed through the LEI search.
What is an LEI Certificate ?
  • The LEI Certificate is a document containing your company information based on a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), an international standard (ISO 17442) endorsed by G20 countries.
  • LEI aims to standardize information about legal entities worldwide.
  • LEI Register maintains trustworthy information on all published LEIs globally.
  • The database adheres to global LEI standards and contains reliable, up-to-date information, renewed annually.
  • Your LEI Certificate will be electronically published on all LEI Register websites worldwide (35 websites).
  • You will receive an electronic document via email and can request a paper certificate (A4 hard copy), delivered within fifteen working days if necessary.
Pricing for the LEI Certificate + Tag in India :
Years LEI LEI Certificate + Tag Certificate Hard Copy
1 ₹3990 +₹0 +₹999
3 ₹10950 +₹0 +₹1799
5 ₹16900 +₹0 +₹2499


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